Description plastic separaton

This separation system was developed to provide the possibility for mechanical plastic recycling to detach mono-fraction plastics from mixed-plastic waste. The aim of a purity of variety that enables the re-use of secondary materials thus obtained for the production of new plastic products has been achieved.

The process is based on the fact that different plastic materials have different densities. Dipped into a liquid all pieces with a density lower than the liquid will float on the surface. All pieces with a higher density will sink to the ground. By choosing the density of the separation liquid it is possible to determine wich plastic materials are going to float up or sink.

This is the basic principle of many of the available so-called sink-float-tanks that use water as a separation liquid in the majority of cases. This system however is not suitable for a precise separation due to its procedure. This led to the development of our separation system that now enables a technically precise and economically efficient density separation.

Our first recycling plants have successfully been running for over 15 years. Because of continuous improvement, it is possible today to use Today density separation profitably in all fields of plastic treatment.

Our system is covered by patents and already used in Germany, Europe and overseas.

A essential part of our development work was to supply environmentally acceptable liquids that enable the separation of all important plastic materials.