Plant concept & design

We do not deliver standard plants, we realize projects taking into account the latest experiences in the recycling technology. In our understanding, the ideal basic concept for each recycling center is highly important for a later economically efficient operation of the plant.










Plant concept and design is done out by our engineering company choosing the best available processes and machinery independently of the manufacturer and combining them to get a perfectly linked complete system. Process steps that are not available in a satisfying quality have been and still are developed and implemented by ourselves. Some of them are already covered by patents, as i.e. technologies for plastic separation.

Plant concept and design include for example:

  • an assessment of the current situation on site
  • verification of a possible of an integration of eventually existing components of machinery into the new plant
  • assessment of estimated available material fractions
  • development of master plan
  • description and definition of potential construction stages
  • description of the fabricable products
  • determination of the required space of the single construction stages
  • creation of a complete layout
  • development of a flow sheet
  • calculation of the required use of energy and the amount of consumable materiel
  • market research and proposals fo all necessary plant components
  • obtainment or preparation of an offer for the scope of delivery
  • supply of technical data required for an economic calculation

Our group of companies has implemented recycling plants in all important fields of plastic recycling for the last couple of years. This enables us to offer the highest felxibility of technology, by the integrating our expertise.

With our engineering company being independent of producer of components we are able to make use of technically and economically optimized components, that are currently available on the market.