Complete plants

PSR recycling plants are designed to realize the highest possible degree of purity of the produced plastics. Using them for the production of new plastic products largely replacing virgin plastics by the conditioned plastics is our ambition. 



A big part of recycling plants carried out by us over the last 20 years has integrated the production of new plastic final products into its process. According to this, the delivered and mixed plastic waste is not only grinded, washed, separated and dried; we also supply technologies for refining processes like regranulation or compounding, if required. The possibility of using the melted plastics for the direct production of final products means the highest possible profitability. A repeated melting of the plastics with its use of energy is no longer required. Furthermore the economic and ecologic advantages as a consequence of unnecessary transports between the factories have to be considered.



The recycling plants are delivered, assembled, commissioned and handed over by us as a turn-key project. If required, we are supporting  the operator during the running in phase.